• Reviewed by: Tpinnell  on: 2016-09-23T18:50:20.441-07:00
    Love food & delivery is great good price
  • Reviewed by: jcrrae  on: 2016-08-21T19:15:46.831-07:00
    Love there food. But every time dont . listen to order Left out vrab.ragoon order again. Getting ol
  • Reviewed by: mgcg1991  on: 2016-07-06T16:09:22.614-07:00
    We order weekly takeout from JJ China diner and have never been disappointed. Food delivered is alwa
  • Reviewed by: c.kbenton5  on: 2016-06-02T10:58:38.251-07:00
    I enjoy coming into your restaurant. Today I'm ordering online. The photos are great, I'd love to s
  • Reviewed by: ace_of_hearts4t4  on: 2016-04-19T11:40:13.122-07:00
    My name's Angel and let me say this is an amazing lil diner good food good service very quick I woul
  • Reviewed by: dcpadula  on: 2016-02-01T10:26:45
    Hey there. I'll start out by saying I loved your food, loved your prices, and loved the consistency. I'll end by saying that as long as you have a 30.06 (NO concealed carry) sign in your window you will never again see another dollar from me and I will pass the word around. Hopefully, you guys are just confused about the legal requirements since you have NOT posted a 30.07 (NO open carry) sign, yet have posted a 30.06 (NO concealed carry). If you don't want open carry in your restaurant - that's fine - we all understand that. However, if you take away my ability to defend myself, my family, or YOU by posting this 30.06 sign, I will do whatever I can to take away your ability to operate. You have your rights, I have mine. Be reasonable. I hope you will reconsider your signage posting.
  • Reviewed by: Nikkydd  on: 2016-01-16T16:22:42.417-08:00
    OMG! I didn't realize that they had a website this efficient. I usually just call in an order (Our f
  • Reviewed by: kgen023  on: 2016-01-14T16:52:42.198-08:00
    Great food! Very nice people.
  • Reviewed by: Christa.mckee  on: 2015-12-13T08:30:49.874-08:00
    Sure wish you guys would consider opening one up in Livingston, Tx it would do so good since we have
  • Reviewed by: lesbernard1846  on: 2015-12-02T19:49:02.360-08:00
    Best Chinese food in kingwood
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