• Reviewed by: whalambr  on: 2019/2/16 14:47:27
    I just had food deliver , I got the pepper steak spring rolls Lo main noodles and the China town stur fry . All if was bad , spring vegetable they was burnt so bad could not eat them. the shrimp in the china town fry is bad and the noodles taste like they are a few weeks old. pepper steak meat has a sour taste to it and the onions and green peppers are raw like they just threw them in as it was walking out the door! I usually like their food but i just notice the last few times I have ordered from the on in Kingwood has been bad . after spending 45.00 on food ,I now have to go and find something in kitchen to cook or order from some where else .
  • Reviewed by: meromere  on: 2018/7/19 16:45:28
    It would be helpful if you would label all of the pictures of your entrees on your website. You have several pages of pictures, but we can't tell what they are. I would like to try some new menu items, but it helps to see a close-up picture to help with a selection. Thanks for your great food and fast delivery!
  • Reviewed by: hrwarren0810  on: 2018/7/14 14:35:00
    Please leave out as many peppers and onions a possible and be sweet and bring a cake for my daughters baddy!!!
  • Reviewed by: christ7jon52christine  on: 2018/4/15 12:22:08
    My family does not like fried foods. We love steamed fish and steamed rice. Do you sell this? Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: desthope94  on: 2018/2/15 9:46:22
    Love ordering from y'all but its a bit confusing. Your menu states that it is a $15.00 limit under the Lunch menu but when adding it to the cart it says $20 limit. Then when you hit the check out button to review your order and everything, it says 'lunch delivery minimum $15 and dinner deliver minimum $20' so I take off the extra stuff I really didn't want seeing as what I wanted was $15.21 before tax. Though when I try to go to the second step it won't let me, stating that I did not reach the $20.00 minimum. I'm not sure if this is a glitch but it needs to be fixed so people no exactly what the minimum is and not spending almost 30 minutes trying to order food for the website to keep telling them a different minimum deliver price then what is stated. Other then this issue, absolutely love the food and how fast it gets delivered. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Reviewed by: scottmsr  on: 2018/12/7 19:06:51
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "deliverd" on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. In the past I've used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website. -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • Reviewed by: clif  on: 2018/12/19 8:16:33
    Hi there, My name is Clif Haley and I own EastTex Online, a small business web design and marketing service based in Jasper, Texas. Just thought I would drop a line to introduce myself in case you ever need a new, custom build website. We have "off the shelf" pricing options but also do custom quotes. Please visit our site and let us know if we can help. Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: katyoddo  on: 2018/11/7 18:37:01
    We ordered from How U Doin tonight, 11/7, order for Joe Ferreira. I ordered pad Thai and it was the worst the Pad Thai I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely no taste. We have ordered before and the food has always been delicious.
  • Reviewed by: kccarr56  on: 2018/1/6 18:23:00
    We ordered 50.00 worth of food tonight 01/06/2018. The sesame chicken should have been in an container large enough for it, but it was in a rectangular flatter container than the round ones, the chichen was cut in pieces, and did not have nearly enough sauce... the other 2 dishes were fine . the sesame chicken was my sons and I felt badly that his was so disappointing....I don't know why someone thought it would be OK to cut up the sesame chicken to make it fit in that container.....
  • Reviewed by: picklesrule42  on: 2018/1/21 16:47:46
    This is my go to place when it comes to great Chinese food! Their beef and broccoli is amazing. I recently moved but i still drive an hour out of my way just to eat their food! I absolutely love this place!
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