• Reviewed by: prestoncgl821  on: 2015-01-06T16:57:12.108-08:00
    jj diner is a great place to eat I love that I can order from home and they deliver in a timely manner thank jj diner
  • Reviewed by: efdsf  on: 2015-01-05T15:21:38.092-08:00
    pretty good food
  • Reviewed by: heathermauk28  on: 2015-01-02T11:37:01.342-08:00
    GREAT food GREAT service!!!!
  • Reviewed by: unabtom  on: 2014-12-24T15:01:15.687-08:00
  • Reviewed by: infortheskrill  on: 2014-12-17T19:04:10.189-08:00
    BEST RESTAURANT EVERRRRRR! General Tso's the size of your fucking head! Decor makes me feel like I'm in fucking China! Order from here all the time and gets here really quick! So friendly too! It's so damn clean you could perform surgery!
  • Reviewed by: jackielavastida  on: 2014-12-16T16:06:44.486-08:00
    Delivery was excellent also
  • Reviewed by: penny  on: 2014-12-13T13:11:52.970-08:00
    Love the food and great to have it delivered.
  • Reviewed by: jamienhendrix  on: 2014-12-12T16:43:16.361-08:00
    Best chinese food in Kingwood that delivers and you can order online!
  • Reviewed by: amstmj2  on: 2014-12-07T14:32:09.194-08:00
    Everything is Awesome
  • Reviewed by: kelley_self  on: 2014-12-07T14:15:38.101-08:00
    Highly recommend their food!
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